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"We are the black sheep of the vinyl world. Through integrity, our clients gain a positive experience that is rare to find in business & our personal lives. Experience is important but the knowledge gained from the experience puts you in another league.


The vinyl game changes every few years. New tools are made, films change consistencies, new brands emerge making for different techniques in application. Someone saying they have 40+ years of experience has actually had to keep starting over every few years since what they knew the few years before doesn't always carryover.

We don't believe in "certifications". Our clients certify us with their trust in delivering top quality installations. Just check out our portfolio! Certification is just a "pay to play" technique to land big national accounts and a group of installers travel far away to do quick & dirty installs on hundreds of vehicles at a time. But that's fine "certified" installers, you can leave the small businesses to us!

The inconsistencies in the vinyl industry has led to the creation of UNDERCOVER, an innovative, trusting graphics company looking to expose the amazing potential vinyl has."

-Luke Stapleton

Luke Stapleton, Founder of UNDERCOVER Graphics, Erin Fox Photography, Tennessee
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